The University of Guelph Student Chapter (UGSC) of the Electrochemical Society is always looking for enthusiastic students from University of Guelph to continue organizing symposia, workshops and other events for students.

Why become a member?

There are many advantages to join our student chapter, to list a few:

  1. Obtain free annual ECS membership
  2. Provide opportunities to organize workshops and symposiums.
  3. Engage with fellow students and peers.
  4. Improve the resume by adding professional extracurricular activities.

Who are eligible?

Eligible students must be in their final two years of undergraduate or enrolled in a graduate program in science, engineering, or education (with a science or engineering degree) at University of Guelph

Awarded memberships are renewable for up to four years; applicants must reapply each year. Apply or renew today!

How to become a member of UGSC…

  1. Fill out the form provided below to show your interest
  2. We will contact you back with information and instructions..

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